Jimmy West

Jimmy has lived all his life in Brigstow. His mother was from St. Vincent in the Caribbean and his father from Trinidad. His parents separated and his sister and Jimmy were largely brought up by his mother. He did reasonably well at school and has been in steady employment since leaving. He currently works as a security guard at a local supermarket. He has a regular partner who he has been living with for 5 years and a daughter, Ayesha by a previous relationship. Jimmy does feel the pressures of life; he gets lots of headaches and feels tense sometimes. He has seen the doctor about this on a number of occasions but Jimmy feels that they didn’t do much to help him. He’s taken to occasionally smoking cannabis and this resulted in one unfortunate incident which left him sentenced with a 12 month supervision order and community service. Will the services, be they social or medical help him or hinder him over the next year? What’s certain is that’s there are deeper reasons for Jimmy’s anger and uncharacteristic behaviour than first meets the eye.